Animal Circuses

 Animals don’t belong in circuses - a fact which should be obvious to most people. But sadly, hundreds of animals continue to be enslaved in these travelling menageries every year.


Examples of the animals used include elephants, tigers, rhinos, horses, giraffes, llamas, camels, wallabies, alligators and snakes - all of whom have been used in circuses touring Ireland. They are abused and beaten into submission, and through fear are forced to perform mindless acts - all for the entertainment of people.


Is it normal for an elephant to stand on its head? Or for a tiger to jump through a ring of fire? Or for horses to walk around on their hind legs ‘dancing’ to music? These are all unnatural and painful acts which animals should not be forced to do. They should be free, and in their natural habitats.


Circus animals, who in the wild would spend the majority of their days travelling and exploring new areas, spend 22 hours a day locked up in cages and pens so small, that they barely have room to turn around. This, coupled with their constant state of fear leads them to exhibit the stereotypical psychosis found in all captive animals. They self-mutilate and display repetitive behaviour, such as swaying back and forth.


Animal circuses should be a thing of the past. The animals wouldn’t be suffering if people weren’t still paying for it to continue. By attending these ‘shows’, you are directly responsible for letting this cruelty exist.


You can help these animals and take a stand against cruelty - BOYCOTT THE CIRCUS!

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