CAFT Ireland

 Before NARA was formed, we were known as the anti-fur group "CAFT Ireland" - the Irish branch of Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade. Here are some of our achievements!


The Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (Ireland) was set up in 2005.


To date, we have:

  • Organised over 400 demonstrations

  • Given out over 200,000 leaflets

  • Distributed over 300 information packs

  • Organised annual Fur Farm awareness days and protests at Ireland's largest fur farm in Laois

  • In 2009, for the first time in the history of Irish anti-fur campaigning, we organised a 'Fur Farm Exposť Tour', in which we traveled to every fur-farming county to leaflet the towns and protest outside the actual farms. This was a very effective tool in highlighting the issue, resulting in a lot of newspaper and radio coverage.

  • Sent out 109 fur farm exposť packs to to various TD's, Ministers, SPCA's, radio stations and newspapers. This resulted in a number of Irish politicians getting onboard with the campaign, and an investigation on the fur farms being launched.

  • Leafleted and petitioned outside the Dept. of Agriculture every week for 3 years, until a phase-ban on fur farming was confirmed by the Irish government on Sat. 10th October 2009 (*Sadly in 2012, the government collapsed and was replaced by a new party that scrapped the phase-out ban, so fur farming is still legal. Our campaigning efforts continue, and we will not stop until we achieve a ban).

  • In July 2010, a new campaign was started to ban the import and sale of real fur in Ireland.

  • Dublin City Council, Fingal County Council and South Dublin County Council have already adopted the ban. Due to current trading laws, these bans will not affect individual shops - but once we get the majority of Irish councils behind us, we will lobby for a change in legislation.


Fur-Free Successes:

Clery & Co. Department Store

Fran & Jane boutiques nationwide

Regine Fashions Ireland (designer company) and all of their franchises

GUESS (Dublin franchise)

Brown Thomas & BT2 Stores nationwide

FanciSchmancy Vintage

Flairline Fashions nationwide




The Real McCoy

Wild Child

The Hat Shop

Sugar Babe


Councils that have adopted a ban on the import and sale of real fur in their jurisdiction:

  • Dublin City Council
  • Fingal County Council
  • Tralee Town Council
  • South Dublin County Council

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