Fighting Ireland's Fur Trade

Documentary 'Ireland's Fur Trade', produced by Dean Mullen in 2017, is now available to watch in full here:  Ireland's Fur Trade

Among the many goals of the animal rights movement is to get fur farming banned in Ireland once and for all and these are some of the ways that you can play your part in achieving this goal;

  • Contact your local TD about your concerns regarding fur farming in Ireland.

  • Contact the Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed.

  • Sign ICABS petition to get fur farming banned in Ireland.

  • Follow NARA on Facebook for information regarding upcoming anti-fur protests.

  • Let your friends and family know about the fur industry and the continued existence of fur farming in Ireland and help motivate people you know to boycott real fur.

  • Share information regarding the Irish fur industry on social media and motivate friends online to get active in the movement or to take other steps to help (such as mentioned in point one and two).

*If you choose to contact a TD or Michael Creed, please remember to keep all correspondence polite.

Thank you for supporting the cause.

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