Mission Statement


N.A.R.A. Mission Statement


Formed on 1st July 2007, the National Animal Rights Association aims to eliminate all forms of cruelty, abuse, oppression and rights violations against animals in Ireland.

We don’t believe in animal welfare (e.g. bigger cages), we strictly believe in animal rights (e.g. empty cages). You can never make murder or abuse ‘humane’.

We believe that animals already have rights, but that they are just not yet recognised.

We all follow a strict vegan diet. We feel that one cannot campaign for animal rights while consuming any animal products. Apart from the murder and extreme suffering involved, nothing that comes from an animal is ours to take. To do so would be a rights violation in itself.

Animals are not ours to wear. As well as it being totally unnecessary, humans have no right whatsoever to wear fur, leather, wool or silk. All of these ‘materials’ were once part of a living creature, who did not volunteer themselves to become another fashion item.

No forms of animal testing are acceptable - whether it be for cosmetics or medical research. Testing on animals does nothing to further medical progress for humans - and even if it did, it wouldn’t make it morally right or acceptable to use animals in this way.

Animals are not ours to use for entertainment or profit. Animal circuses, greyhound racing, horse racing, zoos and aquariums are all animal-abusing industries that take advantage of animals’ vulnerability - merely to satisfy a perverse need to see, and make money out of, another species being degraded and exploited.

We also recognise rights for insects. They too are living beings who deserve a life free of exploitation and suffering.

We are a non-hierarchal group, and welcome anyone willing to help in our fight for animal rights. However, we believe in rights for both non-human and human animals, and so we will not tolerate or accept anyone who is racist, sexist or homophobic.

We strictly adhere to the following Animal Liberation Hallmarks: http://al-hallmarks.net/

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