NARA Guidelines


N.A.R.A. suggested Group Guidelines


1) As a member of N.A.R.A., “we stick together” and exercise individual responsibility for the protection of the group and its members, within and outside the group. 

2) DEMONSTRATIONS / PROTESTS - Group meetings are a necessary part of N.A.R.A. activism. In the event of a disturbance, a group collective will be held. 

3) During action individuals ought maintain focus on Animal Rights and on the intended task at hand. Distractions include: smoking, sitting down, physical intimacy, chatting, texting (phones). 

4) In the event of emergencies, i.e.; aggression, harassment, physical or verbal threat within or outside of the group, unity should be maintained at all times. Group and individual intuition is our code. 

5) Participation in group action is voluntary. As members of N.A.R.A., we adhere to A.R. strategy and protocol. This includes; being assertive in confrontational situations and acquiring knowledge on demo topics to respond to the public and to maintain the integrity of the group. 

NARA Account Book 2013

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