Vegan AR Prisoners


ALFSG and ARPS websites) of activists who are currently in prison, for animal-rights related 'crimes'.

The only thing these people are guilty of is having the courage to speak up for animals, and for being brave enough to stand up against the cruelty that is inflicted upon them.

They are not criminals, they are freedom fighters.

Why not write to them and show your support of their dedication to the cause!



***NARA does not supply money to the ALF, or any other animal rights group for that matter!

We have published the below prisoner contact details for anyone who would personally like to donate money to the individuals listed, so as that they may be able to purchase vegan toiletries, food items, stationary etc. while in prison.

Doing so does not equate to funding illegal activities.***

Debbie Vincent (A5819DE)  

 Our friend, activist Debbie Vincent, has been sentenced to 6years in prison for "conspiracy to commit blackmail": 

Please send letters of support to her at:

Debbie Vincent (A5819DE)
Woodthorpe Road,
TW15 3JZ,


If you haven't written to a prisoner before here is a guide from Brighton ABC: 

Also you can email using: 

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