We have campaigned for animal rights in Ireland since 2007
We have protests and events twice a week, every week, covering a number of important issues. Please join our campaigns and help us achieve our goal of total animal liberation in Ireland!
It's time to Ban Hare Coursing
Our big campaign for 2020 is to finally get hare coursing banned in Ireland. Will you help us?
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Ban all Animal Circuses in Ireland!
The use of wild animals in circuses was banned in Ireland in 2018, but domesticated animals are still used and abused in Irish circuses every day. Find out how you can help them!

Formed on 1st July 2007, the National Animal Rights Association is a voluntary, vegan, consistently anti-oppression, non-hierarchical animal rights group. 

We want a world where animals are free from use, abuse, and exploitation.  To help achieve this, we have many ongoing campaigns, and are constantly out spreading awareness through our protests, demonstrations and information stalls.

We are based in Dublin, but we travel around the country with our campaigns every week. Get in touch if you’d like us to campaign in your area!

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NARA are proud members of Eurogroup for Animals’ ‘Fur Free Europe’ campaign. Although fur farming is now banned in Ireland, it is still legal to import and sell real fur here. Animals on fur farms live in intense confinement, in row upon row of small barren cages. They suffer from self-mutilation, infected wounds, missing limbs and cannibalism. Fur farming contravenes even the most basic concept of animal welfare.

The European Citizens’ Initiative “Fur Free Europe” calls on the EU to:

  • Ban fur farms
  • Ban farmed fur products from the European market

Be part of achieving history! Act now by adding your name to the Initiative. This is not just a petition. Once we reach 1 million validated signatures, the European Commission is obliged to respond and take action.



The complex behavioural needs of wild animal species, such as foxes and mink, that are farmed for fur cannot be met in fur farms. Keeping animals in small cages and killing them solely, or mainly, because of the value of their fur cannot be legitimised for domestic species like rabbits and chinchillas either. Fur farming is unethical no matter where it occurs, and so we also call for a ban on selling fur derived from intensive fur production.


Fur farms pose a risk to animal and human health. During the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of mink farms were affected by coronavirus outbreaks, and new variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus were found to have been transmitted to humans from animals.


Fur farming has a significant environmental impact and it poses a serious threat to native biodiversity. Having escaped from fur farms, the American mink is now widespread throughout the EU and has caused significant adverse impacts on European native wildlife. The dressing and dyeing of fur involves the use of toxic chemicals. In terms of land pollution by toxic metals, fur dressing and dyeing is ranked in the top five highest pollution-intensity industries.


Fur farming and its products should become a bad memory from the past: now it’s time for a Fur Free Europe. There is an unprecedented opportunity to make it happen in the European Union:

  • The fur industry is facing an economic and animal health crisis due to COVID-19.
  • 12 EU countries have recently called on the European Commission to investigate options for the permanent prohibition of fur farming in the EU and to present a legislative proposal to achieve this goal.
  • The European Commission is currently reviewing the EU’s animal welfare legislation. This revision presents an opportunity to introduce a ban on both the production and trade of farmed fur.
  • Hundreds of brands have gone fur free, responding to the ethical demands of their customers.

We have a unique opportunity to make this happen. Act now so we can achieve this together.


The European Citizens’ Initiative is a unique and effective way for EU citizens to help shape our future by calling on the European Commission to propose new laws.

This is not just a petition. Once an initiative has reached 1 million validated signatures, the European Commission is obliged to respond and take action.

In order to achieve this, the Initiative requires citizens to provide personal data to validate their support. Be assured that your information can only be used for the support of this Initiative, and not for other purposes. Fur Free Europe is following all legal requirements, GDPR and data protection rules.

Recent Campaigns



Did you know that bloodsports such as fox hunting, stag hunting (which was banned in 2010), hare coursing and shooting unfortunately still take place in Ireland?


Greyhound Racing

Tens of thousands of greyhounds are used, abused, bred and killed in Ireland every year by the greyhound racing industry. Find out how you can help stop this!



Also known as animal testing, it is the live experimentation of animals. Around 200,000 animals such as mice, rats, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, pigs and sheep are killed in Irish laboratories every year. Learn more here.

Go Vegan!

It has never been more important to become a vegan, and it’s never been easier too! If you would like more information, have any questions, or would like a free Go Vegan! pack, just contact us and we would be happy to help you in any way we can.

Pressure campaigns can result in political change

From the very beginning, NARA has always been a pressure campaign group. In terms of strategy, it means we focus on one issue at a time, and employ an array of tactics until we achieve our goal. Sometimes the result even includes a change in the law in Ireland. We believe pressure campaigns to be the most successful way of achieving total animal liberation.

Our Mission Statement:

We believe that animals already have rights
but that they are just not recognised socially or legally yet.

We fight for changes both in social consciousness and the law.

We all follow a strict vegan diet. One cannot campaign for animal rights while consuming or using any animal-derived product. Apart from the murder and extreme suffering involved, nothing that comes from an animal is ours to take. To do so would be a rights violation in itself.

Animals are not ours to wear. As well as it being totally unnecessary, humans have no right whatsoever to wear fur, leather, wool or silk. All of these ‘materials’ were once part of a living creature, who did not volunteer themselves to become another product.

Animals are not ours to use for entertainment or profit. Animal circuses, greyhound racing, horse racing, zoos and aquariums are all animal-using and abusing industries that take advantage of animals’ vulnerability – merely to satisfy a perverse need to see, and make money out of, another species being degraded and exploited.

No form of animal testing is acceptable,
whether it be for cosmetic or medical research purposes.

Testing on animals does nothing to further medical progress for humans – and even if it did, it wouldn’t make it morally right or acceptable to use animals in this way.

We also recognise rights for invertebrates (e.g. crustaceans and insects). They too are living beings who deserve a life free of exploitation and suffering. 

As a non-hierarchical group, NARA welcomes anyone willing to help in our fight for animal rights. However, we are an consistently anti-oppression group, meaning that we believe and acknowledge that both animal rights and human rights are intrinsically linked. In this regard, it goes without saying that we have a zero-tolerance policy towards anyone who is fascist, racist, xenophobic, ableist, sexist, ageist, anti-choice, body-shaming, homophobic, transphobic or oppressive to others in any way.

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Animals have the right to be happy. live. be free.

We don’t believe in animal welfare (e.g. bigger cages), we strictly believe in animal rights (e.g. empty cages). You can never make murder or abuse ‘humane’. Animals are individuals like us. They love, fear and feel like us, so why oppress and exploit them just because we can?

NARA is a legal, grassroots level organisation that only operates within the law. Information on this website is for the purpose of legal protest and information only. It should not be used to commit any criminal acts or harassment. NARA is not affiliated to any other animal rights group. NARA has no links or involvement with the Animal Liberation Front or the Animal Rights Militia. Any articles published on this web site relating to illegal activities are posted for the sole reason of publishing news related to animal rights, and are not intended to incite or encourage similar acts.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to ask us any questions, report something or get involved.


Please feel free to contact us if you want to ask us any questions, report something or get involved.


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